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McDonald’s has been forced to open its first ever restaurant with a turquoise coloured sign after city planners said the signature yellow sign would be too garish. Officials in Sedona, Arizona told the fast-food giant they were unable to open a restaurant with the trademark yellow logo.This is due to the city’s strict regulations which prevent buildings from ruining the picturesque view of the desert.

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Debbie Harry photographed by Chris Stein, 1976

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my life 

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romeo and juliet (1996)

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We were watching a video on psychology and then someone suggested we click on a related video and we ended up watching a 5 minute AMV of the Simpsons set to harder better faster stronger

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that selfie looked better on my phone: the novel

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whenever i eat yogurt i stand in front of a mirror and pretend im in a commercial

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fun drinking game: drink a glass of water every few hours to stay healthy and hydrated!

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